VisionApp Awarded the Entrepreneur of the Month Prize by the Instituto de Fomento of Murcia (Spain)

Source: La Verdad.

Innovation and tradition along with talent and constancy in order to offer unique products and develop them within an enterprise are common traits shared by the winners of the Entrepreneur of the Month prize for the fourth trimestre of the past year, awarded by the Instituto de Fomento of the city of Murcia.

The prize was presented by the director of the Institute, Joaquin Gómez, who described VisionApp Solutions as a startup that applies research and knowledge to hold and prevent the upcoming social challange that is the progression of myopia in childeren and teenagers. Joaquín Gómez stressed that, «in recent years, the entrepreneurial spirit in the Region of Murcia was characterized by the developmnent of products and services that are very innovative and designed to compete on international markets».

The projects recognized as the most worthy within the fourth trimester of the past year contain this important innovation factor, as well as the clear direction towards internationalization.

VisionApp Presented at the International Myopia Conference in Birmingham, U.K.

VisionApp has presented a part of the technology developed and included exclusively in the app at the International Myopia Conference IMC 2017 – one of the world’s premier scientific meetings dedicated to the problem of myopia, or short-sightedness.
The poster titled “Using the Smartphone to Measure Near Work Distance” can be downloaded from the official VisionApp project page  on ResearchGate.